My favourite Drop sets

I love drop sets in training. It’s a great way to add intensity, diversity to training plans and hit deep in then muscle fibres. I’m all about training with intensity for physique changes and I’ve been using some of these in the video in my training sessions. Try them out!
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Could your sugar free juice/Diet fizzy drinks be slowing down your fat loss?

Many when starting a new health journey aim to make big reductions in waist line spend  much effort in correcting food but dismiss sugar free/diet effects for long term health and fat loss goals. I have worked with many that have a large intake of these liquids and seen how it plays a huge role in fat storage around the abdominal area.

Additives such a as aspartame have been shown to stimulate appetite especially for carbohydrate and sugar cravings and encourage fat storage. If you are substituting these as a ‘healthier’ alternative to water and are struggling to see changes in waist line, I suggest trying these tips in the video for better health and better fat loss!

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Confused about Carbs?

Confused about carbs? Heck, I don’t blame you if you are!
Carbs often get demonised, may it be after going on a low carb diet and seeing the Rapid fat loss effects or perhaps from the fear of ‘getting fat’
3 things to consider when bringing carbs into a fat loss plan:
1-what type of carbs you are having
2- carb portion
3- when/where you are eating them in the day and what with
Carbs can be enjoyed as part of a fat loss plan having to scrimp on them, just be smart about them!

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Should I eat before or after exercise?

Food for thought! If you can’t decide if you should be eating pre and post training, have a think about these 3 questions first. what are you goals? what type of exercise are you doing? Your current composition for exercise from fitness, stamina, muscle endurance and current body composition. Lots of people do lots of different things, I always suggest by starting simple, build the foundations with a solid, consistent food plan that delivers results then build on top if required.

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